Account Plugin #

The Account Plugin can be used to add custom behavior during the account lifecycle. This includes handling any updates to a player’s account information based on updates from a third party provider such as Steam.

This guide provides a walkthrough of the steps required to update a player’s Pragma Account display name using the Account Plugin. We’ll go through two scenarios when you might want to enable Pragma Account display name updates. Choose which option works best for your needs:

Core Concepts:
Check out our concept doc for an intro to the Account Plugin. For more information on the default behavior of Pragma Account display names, see Display Name.


  • Pragma Engine, Postman, and IntelliJ must be installed. See Initial Setup.
Updating Display Name with SteamUpdating a player's Pragma Account display name with Steam.
Updating Display Name with Social Player PortalUpdating a player's Pragma Account display name with Social Player Portal.