Social #

You must have the party flow fully implemented before beginning this guide. See the Parties guide for further details.

Connecting with other players and building community is an important party of a positive game play experience. Pragma Engine’s social services allow users to connect and engage with other players in meaningful ways. The Presence service allows player clients and backend services to set basic and rich presence values. The Friend service allows players to invite other players to connect via friend lists.

The topics in this section provide a simplified walkthrough of building out the Friends and Presence aspects of a game. The Friend service does not require any backend modifications. For the Presence service, you can customize rich presence options with the Pragma Engine Presence plugin.

In this section #

Set Up Presence Features with Pragma EngineSet up Pragma Engine to handle Presence customizations.
Unreal: PresenceBuild the functionality to handle Presence tasks in our Unreal project.
Unreal: FriendsBuild the functionality to handle Friends in our Unreal project.