Unity: Setup #

SDKs are provided to ease integration between your game and Pragma Engine. This guide covers setting up and logging into the engine using the Unity SDK.


  • Pragma Engine, Postman, and IntelliJ must be installed. See Initial Setup.

  • Rider, Visual Studio, and VS Code are recommended for working in Unity. Rider requires no additional setup, while Visual Studio and VS Code require some setup.

Set Up the Unity SDKSet up your development environment and the Pragma SDK for Unity.
Handle Login and LogoutCreating a login script, linking the login script to a button, and logging in.
Authenticate with SteamImport Steamworks.NET, get a Steam Web API key and App ID, and log into Pragma Engine with Steam.
Invite Steam FriendsCreating a Pragma Engine party and inviting friends to join via Steam.
Authenticate with DiscordImport the Discord SDK into Unity, get a Client ID and Client Secret, and log in to Pragma Engine with Discord.