Unreal: Setup #

SDKs are provided to ease integration between your game and Pragma Engine. This guide covers setting up and logging into the engine using the Unreal SDK.


  • Pragma Engine, Postman, and IntelliJ must be installed. See Initial Setup.

  • You must have a local copy of Pragma Engine cloned and have successfully run make build.

  • Rider for Unreal Engine is the recommended editor, along with Visual Studio’s C++ compiler. Confirm that Visual Studio 2019 is installed with the Game development with C++ option selected.

Set Up the Unreal SDKSet up your development environment and the Pragma SDK for Unreal.
Create Player Controller and BlueprintCreate a C++ player controller and associated blueprints.
Handle Login and LogoutCreate the login script and try logging in.
Authenticate with SteamIntegrate Pragma and your Unreal project with Steam.
Authenticate with DiscordIntegrate Pragma and your Unreal project with Discord.
Authenticate with TwitchImport the Twitch SDK into Unreal, get a Client ID and Client Secret, and log into Pragma Engine with Twitch.
TroubleshootingTroubleshooting common issues with Unreal Editor.