Recap: GDC 2022

Recap: GDC 2022

Recap: GDC 2022

Jake S

Back after its COVID hiatus, GDC 2022 was a fantastic conference that saw thousands of developers & game aficionados return to San Francisco's Moscone Center for the week. This was Pragma's first major event we'd been able to attend in a while & we were thrilled to be part of the action. Between our booth on the showroom floor, our CTO's three talks/panels, & our happy hour we met an incredible cohort of impassioned game devs & studios.

Chris Cobb's first talk on 10 Ways to Crash Your Server on Launch Day can be viewed by clicking the link in the title.

His second talk on Anti-Crunch: Patterns and Practices can be viewed by clicking the link in the title.

We look forward to a bigger & better GDC23!

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