AWS Partnership

With the managed version of Pragma Engine, we'll stand up
the infrastructure on AWS for game studios, and operate the
platform across all shards for the lifecycle of the title.

We'll Manage It For You

The Pragma team has extensive experience running live service games. We employ some of the most efficient and reliable ways to successfully run and manage a platform, along with the infrastructure required to power it.

By running multiple shards for a portfolio of studios, Pragma is able to keep costs down by leveraging economies of scale that are not always available to individual studios. This allows our studios to stay focused on the crucial parts of developing their game, not focusing on how to manage the backend.


We deploy to EC2 and use auto-scale groups to ensure systems are running and up-to-date, while RDS gives the ability to have reliable databases with backups. We also maintain and manage build tools, utilizing S3 and DynamoDB for our robust artifact store that is used for deploys.

Check out our Midnight Society case study for an example of how a game studio has leveraged Pragma Engine hosted on AWS for fast integration with an existing project and live support for their FPS game.