Schedule time with our team for a customized demo of Pragma.



Rich feature set for studios building complex live service games.


Professional Services

Dedicated engineering time for customization, integration, or migration work.


Pragma Cloud

Free-to-start, self-serve solutions
for game developers of all sizes.

Pragma Cloud


How do I get started? +

Pragma can work with studios to get Pragma Engine set up locally or we can set up a fully managed environment for studios that sign an enterprise license. Studios can sign up for a demo via the website or email us directly at

What if I change my mind?+

Pragma gives studios a full 90 day period “return policy” for all software that we sell.

What kind of support will I get with Pragma?+

Pragma provides support through Slack and has 2 hour response times. We also work hand-in-hand with studios to help them design their systems, as well as helping with setup, onboarding, and training.

Where do I access a roadmap?+

Pragma Engine’s roadmap is designed in collaboration with every studio that we work with. We do product planning quarterly and we share this with our studio partners. We aren’t able to build every feature but because Pragma is built with extensibility in mind, studios can either work with our professional services department or authorized third party vendors, or they can build the feature themselves.

What is the difference between Pragma Engine and using a SaaS solution (like Playfab or Game Sparks)?+

We’ve written a blog on the limitations of SaaS for backend game engines which you can read more about on our blog.

Besides that, here are some other differentiating points:

  • Source code access

  • Ease of integration with engine-native SDKs

  • Dedicated environment

    • No resource sharing

    • Security

  • We provide person-to-person support (includes integration of our SDK into your game and provisioning the dedicated environment)

  • Unlike other managed services, when you grow out of the feature set, you can choose to stick with the platform and grow into the expanded set of enterprise features

  • Built-in integrations to support game server hosting solutions, analytics platforms, and identity providers

Where can I learn more about Pragma?+

Visit our documentation for more detail on Pragma Engine.