People Can Fly Chooses Pragma Backend Game Engine to Power Live Services

People Can Fly Chooses Pragma Backend Game Engine to Power Live Services

People Can Fly Chooses Pragma Backend Game Engine to Power Live Services



Los Angeles, CA  — AAA game studio People Can Fly (PCF) has chosen the Pragma Backend Game Engine to power their robust slate of next generation titles. Established in 2002, People Can Fly is an accomplished game developer headquartered in Poland. Their reputation as one of the leading Unreal Engine studios is underscored by their portfolio of groundbreaking shooters and action games.

With a rich history of creating blockbuster titles such as Painkiller, Bulletstorm, Gears of War: Judgment, and Outriders, PCF is making big investments on several unannounced live service games. Given prior game launch learnings, they were on a quest for a backend solution that can keep pace with their ambitious plans. In the past, “black box” solutions had limited their ability to create and manage custom features, run on their own infrastructure, and establish seamless partnerships. With eight new projects currently in the works and a team of over 600 professionals, PCF sought a comprehensive backend live services solution to address these issues.

To find the ideal solution, PCF conducted an extensive evaluation of the major players in the market and ultimately selected Pragma for their team’s  experience and their novel backend solution - an engine. The Pragma Backend Game Engine enables them to have full extensibility for a wide range of games. The Pragma team’s depth of experience in building many of the largest and most successful live service games in the world also gives PCF confidence that they will launch and run live ops without hiccups. Today, the Pragma Backend Game Engine is empowering the PCF central tech team to quickly and reliably deliver the bespoke features their game designers dream up across a diverse array of titles. 

Sebastian Wojciechowski, CEO of People Can Fly, remarked, "I had our tech team conduct a wide-ranging evaluation process across game backend systems and found Pragma to have the functionalities we desired, a scalable operational capacity, and a leadership team who has worked on some the industry’s biggest game franchises. We look forward to working with Pragma and building a strong relationship as we implement their engine to support the next generation of games at People Can Fly".

Pragma is the backend game engine for building games faster, simpler, and more reliably.

Pragma was founded by the engineering leaders who built the platforms for some of the largest live service games including League of Legends, Fortnite, Destiny 2, and Plants vs. Zombies 2. Pragma powers services like accounts, matchmaking, and player data for the world’s most ambitious live service games.

The Pragma Backend Game Engine is the only solution that is truly extensible. Now, game designers aren’t blocked by restrictive black box features and your studio isn't trapped into a framework that you'll inevitably grow out of. The Pragma Backend Game Engine is also capital and resource efficient because studios no longer need to hire a large backend team and get the ultimate peace of mind that their game will always be ready to scale.

Want to know why the world's most ambitious studios trust Pragma? Request a demo.

People Can Fly was founded in 2002 and is one of the pioneers on the market for shooter games in Europe, and one of the top three most experienced Polish developers of games from the AAA segment. People Can Fly has developed such games as Painkiller (2004), Bulletstorm (2011), Gears of War: Judgment (2013) and Outriders (2021).

There are currently over 640 people working in the group, two-thirds in Europe and one-third in North America, of whom over 500 are game developers.

In January 2023 the group updated its growth strategy. It calls for increased publishing activity, implementation of most projects in the self-publishing model and the game-as-a-service model, as well as the use of diverse models for monetization of the games published by the group. The group plans further increases in the size of production teams and development of talent, as well as investments in new segments of the entertainment industry.

More information on People Can Fly (PCF Group S.A.) can be found at:

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