First Anual Backend Services SummitFirst Anual Backend Services Summit

A big thanks to the backend engineering community for trusting us with your time to attend the inaugural Backend Services Summit! With over 100 engineering leaders in the building, the vibe and deep level of engagement were just delightful. We hope that attendees learned a few new things and met a few great people in this budding community of backend engineers.

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The Summit is just the launch. Now that we’re in-flight, we’re keen to expand the community of backend engineers. Please encourage your peers and co-workers to apply to this community, apply here:

The engineers own this community so please feel free to use it how you please: technical questions, discussions, job posting, memes, whatever!

Fireside: Andy Gavin, Founder of Naughty Dog

Join us for an exclusive fireside chat with Andy Gavin, a legendary game developer and founder. With a career spanning decades, Andy is known for co-creating the iconic Crash Bandicoot series and founding Naughty Dog. Andy will share insights from his remarkable journey, discuss the evolution of game development, and offer a glimpse into the future. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a true industry visionary.

Speaker Image

Andy Gavin

Founder of Naughty Dog

Matchmaking Panel

Sammy, Josh and Chris will discuss the interesting dynamic of matchmaking systems and how a successful one requires a strong tech architecture that supports the specific game design goals. Expect to hear war stories and blunders from League of Legends, Apex Legends,Halo and Call of Duty as well as best practices and considerations for approaching a successful matchmaking strategy.

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Samy Duc

Technical Director, Respawn Entertainment

Speaker Image

Josh Menke

Principal Game Designer, Riot Games

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Chris Cobb

Co-Founder & CTO, Pragma

Roundtable topics

  • Engineering Management
  • Matchmaking
  • Player Data
  • Cross-Play
  • Anti-cheat
  • Infrastructure
  • AI
  • And much more!

We're also excited to hear your topic ideas!

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illustration topic
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