Starter Kit

Pragma’s starter kit is a lightweight set of features designed
for in-development studios that want to quickly setup game loops.
Customers can upgrade to the enterprise plan when they need
access to a richer set of features.

Starter Kit

Game loops for in-development studios

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  • Cross-platform Accounts

  • Game Services Parties + Invites, Matchmaking, Game Server Allocation

  • Data Metrics + Monitoring

  • Unreal + Unity SDK


  • SDK integration

  • Integration support with third party game server hosting (multiplay, gameye, gamelift, etc.)

  • 12-hour SLA

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Rich feature set for production-ready studios

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  • Accounts Cross-platform Accounts, Multi-game Social systems

  • Game Services Login Data, Parties + Invites, Matchmaking, Game Server Allocation, Match End Processing

  • Data Player + Game Stats, Metrics + Monitoring, Telemetry + Big data, Game Content Data

  • Player Data Inventory, Progression, Loadouts

  • Infra + Live Services Automated cloud provisioning, VPC + Network, Automated DNS, Build CI + Deploy automation, Secrets, Dynamic Configuration, Versioned Artifacts

  • Customization Plugin support for Matchmaking, Lobby, Inventory, and Progression. Custom services


  • Tailored per studio, contact us to learn more

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How long will it take me to set up?+

It takes about a day for Pragma to set up the environment and the SDK. It generally takes a couple of days to hook up our APIs with the game client and server.

What if I decide not to upgrade?+

Studios can use the starter kit for as long as you’d like. Because it’s a fully hosted solution, you can walk away at any time, and integrate your workflows with whatever solution you choose to move towards.

What kind of support will I get with Pragma?+

Customers will have direct access to our integration team with a 12 hour SLA.

In the roadmap, what upcoming features will be made available within the starter kit? +

  • Web portal

  • Match history

  • Access to more game platforms

  • More client authoritative features (loadouts not tied to accounts)

How do I integrate my own features into Pragma+

When studios are ready to start building out live service features and integrating them to the platform, such as player data and a live service game economy, the existing starter kit implementation will continue to work while the SDK feature set is extended as they start utilizing the full capabilities of Pragma. When studios are ready to build out beyond the starter kit features we’ll discuss the transition to the full enterprise plan.

What is the difference between building on top of Pragma’s starter kit and using a SaaS solution (like Playfab or Game Sparks)? +

We’ve written a blog on the limitations of SaaS for backend game engines which you can read more about here.

Other than that, here are some other differentiating points: 

  • Ease of integration with engine native SDKs.

  • Dedicated environment.

    • No resource sharing.

    • Security. 

  • We provide person to person support (includes integration of our SDK into your game and provisioning the dedicated environment)

  • Unlike other managed services, when you grow out of the feature set, you can choose to stick with the platform and grow into the expanded set of enterprise features.

  • Built-in integrations to support game server hosting solutions, analytics platforms, and identity providers.

After I upgrade to enterprise what kind of customizability will I have? +

Our enterprise plan will give studios full customizability.

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Pragma is currently working with a select group of studios in development.

A great underlying platform is essential in bringing players together. Pragma's technology lets us focus on the creative side of game development while offloading much of the complexity of shipping at scale.

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