Soliton Interactive Case Study: The Backend of a Tabletop
Soliton Interactive Case Study: The Backend of a Tabletop


Soliton Interactive Case Study: The Backend of a Tabletop

TL;DR: Soliton was able to implement a custom capacity provider within a week using Pragma Engine’s customizable, extensible backend. Soliton achieved this without calling on Pragma’s legendary support team–it was that smooth.

Soliton Interactive is a Montreal-based game developer co-founded by CEO Liko-Paul Pinsonnault, CTO Alexandre Ouimet, and COO Catherine Messier in 2021. This veteran team has experience leading development teams for franchises like Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin’s Creed. They’ve drawn attention to their new game Aeon Wars: Maschinen Crisis (AW:MC) with their nomination as a finalist in the Ubisoft Indie Series of 2023. 

Bringing the Tabletop to the Desktop

AW:MC aims to combine the joys of in-person tabletop games with the versatility and accessibility of video games. 

"I really feel that Pragma knows how to do games... They know what developers are going to expect and what they need." - Alexandre Ouimet, the Chief Technology Officer of Soliton

Games like AW:MC aim to build social experiences that surprise and delight both established tabletop audiences and younger gamers that are newer to the genre. These games function as online communities, which rely on servers to make content and matches available to players. Studios typically use a server orchestration service to set up and manage their servers.

Alexandre Ouimet, CTO, was tasked with integrating their latest title, which is built on Pragma, with EdgeGap, their chosen server orchestration service. 

Saving Development Time with the Pragma Engine Arsenal

Ouimet integrated the game server hosting solution with Pragma in record time–it took only a week, without even needing the help of the Pragma support team that was standing by

"Everything is there. You can easily configure and extend the services to make things work as needed. Being able to communicate with the team directly was a key to our successful pre-alpha test." - Alexandre Ouimet

Connecting an in-house backend with a server orchestration service would typically take months of engineering time and labor. Soliton is a small indie studio, with only 12 employees total and an engineering team of three. 

With such a lean development team, this time is incredibly valuable, and Pragma’s focus on usability facilitated a smooth and intuitive integration. Less time building standard backend features means more time focusing on what matters most–the creativity that makes their game unique. 

Using Pragma’s Game Server Management service, Soliton was able to build the custom capacity provider that would make their pre-alpha possible within a week. The Pragma team also collaborated with the Soliton team on launch readiness planning by coming up with player projections, a shared launch plan, and a production playtest pre-launch.

During the pre-alpha launch, Soliton rolled out tweaks, fixes, and adjustments to the game seamlessly without interrupting service.

"It was so nice to be able to control the entire infrastructure myself, with backup from the Pragma team when we needed."

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About Soliton Interactive:

We are an ambitious and independent development studio, passionate about bringing the world of collectible miniatures to video games. Our dream game combines the pleasures of tabletop wargaming miniature collections and hobby with the ease and the flexibility of digital video games. With lifelike graphics, rich gameplay and an online social space, we’ll be better than physical miniature games. 

Based in Montreal, our team is made up of gaming veterans, tech luminaries, tabletop game enthusiasts and limitless creatives.

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