Viewing Player Information #

Pragma Portal allows you to easily view information such as a player’s ID and inventory on a per-game, per-shard basis. This makes development and player support easy.

Complete the item purchasing user guide (optional) #

While the rest of this section will work, we recommend you run through the Item Purchasing user guide at least through the Purchasing Items section first. This way, you will be able to view a non-empty inventory in the Pragma Portal.

Log into the Game portal #

  1. Navigate to the Game portal at http://localhost:10200/.
  2. Sign into Pragma Portal by clicking Sign in with Pragma Unsafe.

Sign into Pragma Portal

  1. Enter test01 into the Username field and click the Sign In button.

Sign into Pragma Portal

Viewing player data #

  1. If necessary, navigate to Player Support by clicking on the Services menu, then clicking on Player Support.
  2. In the Player Support view, click on the test01 account. Pragma Portal displays information about the player.

Pragma Portal shows player information

  1. Click the Inventory link to view the player’s inventory. If you have completed the recommended sections of the Item Purchasing user guide, you should have several items in your inventory. Otherwise, you should have an empty inventory.

Viewing a player inventory in Pragma Portal