Viewing the Content Catalog #

In this case, we’re running a local instance of Pragma Engine, which makes it easy to directly view the JSON files that constitute the content catalog. In a production scenario, Pragma Engine runs on a remote machine which adds complexity to accessing its file system. Pragma Portal makes it easy to view the entire content catalog.

Start Pragma Engine #

Run make run-demo to start Pragma Engine. Run this in a terminal with platform as the working directory.

Access the content catalog in Portal #

  1. Navigate to the game portal at http://localhost:10200/.

  2. Sign into Pragma Portal by clicking Sign in with Pragma Unsafe.

Sign into Pragma Portal

  1. Enter test01 into the Username field and click the Sign In button.

Sign into Pragma Portal

  1. After successfully logging in, click Services, then click Content Catalogs.

Navigate to Content Catalogs

  1. View the content catalogs for instanced items, stackable items, stores, update entries, and crafting entries.

Portal Content Catalogs

Check content catalog against JSON files #

Since we are running the Portal locally against 4-demo, you can view the JSON files that define the content catalogs. They are located in the pragma-engine/platform/4-demo/content/src directory.

Content catalogFile
Update EntriesUpdateEntries.json
Crafting EntriesCraftingEntries.json