Getting Started #

This guide provides a brief tour of Pragma Engine’s Portal. If you haven’t done so yet, follow the instructions in the Initial Setup section.

Set Up the Portal #

We will be running Pragma Engine’s 4-demo as it provides a ready-made content catalog, which requires that Docker is installed. Our setup scripts located in pragma-engine/platform/devenv/setup can assist with the installation of Docker.

  1. cd into the pragma-engine/platform/devenv/docker-compose-devenv directory.

  2. Set up the necessary Docker containers by running docker-compose kill && docker-compose down --remove-orphans && docker-compose up -d.

  3. Start Pragma with make run-demo from the pragma-engine/platform directory.

  4. Access the Game portal at http://localhost:10200/ and the Social portal at http://localhost:11200/.