Starter Kit #

Welcome to the Pragma Engine Starter Kit!

The Starter Kit is a lightweight set of features designed for in-development studios that want to quickly set up game loops. As a Starter Kit customer, you can upgrade to the Enterprise plan when you need access to a richer set of features.

If you’re a current customer and you have questions, please feel free to ping us on Slack.

If you’re a prospective customer, visit the Starter Kit page to request a demo.

Getting started

Steps required to get your game’s Starter Kit up and running with Pragma Engine.

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Services that can be configured individually or with Pragma support.

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View common issues while running Pragma Engine.

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Prerequisites #

  • Your Unreal or Unity game with the ability to build a Linux server executable

    • Unreal tested with 4.27+ and UE5
    • Unity tested with 2020.3 and 2021.2
    Other engines or customer game servers are entirely possible but will take more implementation on your part.
  • A VPN client. Any OpenVPN compatible client will work. We recommend OpenVPN Connect.

  • A Buildkite account.