Player Data #

The Player Data service includes features such as player inventory, store purchase, player progression, loadouts, crafting and similar. The engine grants, stores, retrieves, and updates player data with a sound transactional model that accounts for real-world scenarios like service outages and database instabilities. It also offers a rich content management system to address live migration, so player data can be evolved throughout the lifecycle of a live-service game.

Contents #

ItemsUse instanced items and stackable items to build out your inventory system.
Content DataCreate and interact with game content managed by the platform
CraftingFrom a simple exchange of materials for gear, to complex, nested, pseudo-random rolled item grant and upgrade systems.
StoreCreate store catalogs to manage exchanging stackable and instanced items. Can be individually managed, enabling special events like limited-time content sales.
ProgressionUse the Player Data service and instanced items to store, retrieve, cache, and process progression data.
Rewards & LootPowers weighted random rolls of rewards content.