Monetization #

Monetization systems require creating, configuring, and launching game content on a rapid schedule. Added to this is the complexity of managing events, seasons, and evolving game content in a live context. The Content and Player Data systems are tailor-made to support an initial content launch, and help that data evolve over time with clear versioning semantics and built-in support for data migration. This enables teams to update live content, such as modifying weapon stats to balance the game, or restructure progression systems to speed up or slow down player progress.

Monetization systems include both in-game and real-money transactions. Pragma Engine allows game teams to define unlimited in-game stores that can be scheduled and managed independently. Stores can utilize shared currencies or define unique currencies available during events. Store configuration includes built-in support for selling back items, creating multiple store entries to package content in bundles, and selling items with multiple configurations.

Contents #

Battle PassCombine monetization and engagement to excite and delight players using battle passes.
CurrenciesUse currencies for your store and crafting system implementations, including event-specific content.
StoreCreate store catalogs to manage exchanging stackable and instanced items. Can be individually managed, enabling special events like limited-time content sales.