Cross-Platform Accounts #

Account linking represents the association of one or more identity providers with an account. This is an essential feature to support cross-platform experiences. Accounts can link one or more providers, but there always must be at least one association to ensure that the account is reachable. Pragma Engine provides a test provider called Unsafe Provider, intended for non-production use cases, such as during development and internal testing.

Cross-platform describes games that ship on multiple platforms. Pragma Engine’s architecture is built around supporting cross-platform.

Cross-progression enables players to continue progress on one account across multiple game platforms.

Cross-play allows matchmaking to connect players across platforms.

graph LR A[Steam Player] -->|authenticateOrCreate| h{PragmaAccount} B[Epic Player] -->|authenticateOrCreate| h{PragmaAccount} C[Discord Player] -->|authenticateOrCreate| h{PragmaAccount} D[Xbox Player] -->|authenticateOrCreate| h{PragmaAccount} E[PlayStation Player] -->|authenticateOrCreate| h{PragmaAccount} G[Nintendo Player] -->|authenticateOrCreate| h{PragmaAccount} h -->| | i[CreateParty] i -->| | j[SendPartyInvite] j -->| | k[StartMatchmaking] k--> | | l[JoinGameServer]