Live Operations #

Operability data provides developers with visibility into service health while running in test or production environments. This is typically accomplished by having services send data to a platform. From this platform, you can leverage the data for tasks like triggering alerts, diagnosing issues, and planning out capacity for steady state operations. With Pragma Engine, you can monitor your services using metrics and logs.

Metrics are aggregated timeseries data representing numeric values. Examples include the number of players currently online (CCU); the number of RPC requests per minute; or the median, 65th, and 99th percentiles of RPC processing duration.

Logging records messages that happen within a service by storing them in a readable string format. Logs can be assigned varying levels of severity, and can record messages such as errors if an RPC request fails, or debug information like startup configuration.

Operability vs Telemetry Data #

Pragma Engine captures two categories of data: operability and telemetry.

While telemetry data is tied to analytics focused on business and game design, operability data is primarily metrics and logs that provide information about the health of your services and platform.

Topics in This Section #

MetricsAggregated timeseries data representing numeric values.
LoggingGathering logs for diagnosing issues.