Provided Functionality #

The default Portal contains provided functionality for common tasks.

There are two versions of the Portal which directly correlate to the two backend modes: Game and Social. These Portals are available at the following locations when Pragma Engine is running.

The Game Portal can be used for managing content catalogs, game servers, and player support. The Social Portal can be used for managing accounts, player groups, and game titles.

For more information on creating custom pages and adding functionality to Portal, see Customization.

Development Tools #

Both Portals have a Development Tools section which can be accessed by selecting the question mark at the top right of the screen.

By default, the Development Tools section has 4 pages:

  • Feature Toggles: toggles for enabling in-development features
  • Icons: all available icons and instructions for adding new ones
  • System Logs: logged data for debugging
  • Swappable Components: tools for using swappable components, including a highlighting toggle

Contents #

Game PortalUsing the Game Portal.
Social PortalUsing the Social Portal.