Customization #

Custom Portal work is all defined within the Portal overlay. In this section, we’ll take a look at customizing the Portal, including overlay initialization, structure, portlets and pages, and extensions.

Before beginning custom development in Portal, run make portal-setup to install required local dependencies,

Initialize the overlay #

To initialize the overlay for custom Portal development in 5-ext/portal, run make portal-init from the platform directory. Note that this command will fail if 5-ext/portal already exists.

To validate changes, there are two options:

  • Production: access the Portal on the usual ports 10200 and 11200 with a valid running engine.
  • Development: run make portal-start alongside a valid running engine. This starts up a local server in development mode on port 3000 which has all portlets in one site to enable easy debugging and portlet development.

Contents #

StructureThe Portal structure for customization.
Portlets and PagesCustomize Portal with portlets and pages.
ExtensionsMake updates to existing Portal content.