Party SDK and Events #

Party Service SDK Methods #

The table below contains a list of the SDK methods relevant to the Party service. These methods are available via the GameLoopApi.

AssignPartyLeaderAssigns a party leader
CreatePartyCreates a new party
EnterMatchmakingAllows party leader to enter the party into matchmaking once all players are ready
GetLocalPartyPlayerReturns the current session’s party player
GetPartyReturns the associated party object
GetPartyInviteByInviteIdReturns the party invite according to the provided invite id
GetPartyInviteByInviterIdReturns the party invite according to the provided id of the inviter
GetPendingPartyInvitesReturns pending received invites
HasPartyReturns true if the player has an associated party object
IsInPartyReturns true if the player has an associated party object and the session’s party ID attribute is present
IsLeaderOfPartyReturns true if provided player ID is the leader of the party
JoinPartyWithInviteCodeAllows player to join a party using an invite code
JoinPartyWithIdAllows player to join a party using a party ID
LeavePartyAllows a player to leave a party voluntarily
KickPlayerFromPartyRemoves a player from a party involuntarily
RespondToPartyInviteAllows player to accept or reject another player’s invite to a party
SendPartyInviteSends a party invite to a specific player
SessionNotInPartyReturns true if the session’s party ID attribute is null
SetPartyPlayerGameServerZoneToPingUpdates the GameServerZoneToPing value for the party
SetPartyPreferredGameServerZonesUpdates the GameServerZones value for the party
SetPartyPlayerReadySets the player’s Ready value
UpdatePartyPlayerUpdates custom party player information when in a party
UpdatePartyUpdates custom party information

The SDK calls invoke various Party Plugin methods through Party service RPCs. For a list of Party service RPCs, see the PartyService reference page

Party Service Bindable Events #

There are several party-related events that player clients can listen to. The following table contains bindable events relevant to the Party service, along with associated descriptions of when the event is triggered.

The following events are handled by the player client.

FPartyEvent OnJoinedParty;public event Action<IParty> OnjoinedParty;A player joins a party.
FPartyEvent OnPartyChanged;public event Action<IParty> OnPartyDataChanged;Party information changes, including creation and destruction

Note: All other On* events fire in addition to this one, so developers will need to account for handling multiple events at once.
FInviteCodeEvent OnPartyInviteCodeChanged;public event Action<string> OnPartyInviteCodeChanged;A new invite code is made for the party.
FExtBroadcastPartyEvent OnExtBroadcastPartyChanged;public event Action<ExtBroadcastParty> OnExtBroadcastPartyChanged;The public ext party selections change.
FPreferredGameServerZonesEvent OnPartyPreferredGameServerZonesChanged;public event Action<List<string>> OnPartyPreferredGameServerZonesChanged;A party’s preferred game server zones change.
FPartyLeftEvent OnLeftParty;public event Action OnLeftParty;Your player leaves the party voluntarily.
FRemovedFromPartyEvent OnRemovedFromParty;public event Action<RemovalReason> OnRemovedFromParty;Your player leaves a party for reasons outside of your control.
FPlayerEvent OnPlayerJoinedParty;public event Action<IPartyPlayer> OnPlayerJoinedParty;A new player joins the party. All players in the party can handle this event.
FPlayerListEvent OnPartyPlayersChanged;public event Action<IReadOnlyList<IPartyPlayer>> OnPartyPlayersChanged;One or more players join or leave the party. Will fire if the number stays the same (e.g. +1, -1 in one update).
FPlayerEvent OnPartyPlayerDataChanged;public event Action<IPartyPlayer> OnPartyPlayerDataChanged;Any player information changes.
FExtPrivatePlayerEvent OnExtPrivatePlayerChanged;public event Action<ExtPrivatePlayer> OnExtPrivatePlayerChanged;A player’s private selections changes.
FPlayerLeftEvent OnPlayerLeftParty;public event Action<PragmaId> OnPlayerLeftParty;A player leaves the party.
FInviteListEvent OnPartyInvitesChanged;public event Action<IReadOnlyList<PartyInvite>> OnPartyInvitesChanged;The invites list is changed.
FInviteEvent OnPartyInviteReceived;public event Action<PartyInvite> OnPartyInviteReceived;A party invite is received from another player.
FInviteIdEvent OnPartyInviteRevoked;public event Action<PragmaId> OnPartyInviteRevoked;A party invite is revoked, such as when pending invites are canceled by a game starting a match.
FInviteIdEvent OnPartyInviteAccepted;public event Action<PragmaId> OnPartyInviteAccepted;An invitee accepts the invite. Only inviters can handle this event.
FInviteIdEvent OnPartyInviteDeclined;public event Action<PragmaId> OnPartyInviteDeclined;An invitee declines the invite. Only inviters can handle this event.
FUpdateClientVersionEvent OnGameClientVersionUpdateRequired;public event Action OnGameClientVersionUpdateRequired;The player client needs to update their GameClientVersion.
FPartyClientVersionMismatchEvent OnPartyClientVersionMismatch;public event Action OnPartyClientVersionMismatch;Cannot find a game server version that is compatible with every player in the party.