Matchmaking SDK and Events #

Matchmaking Service SDK Methods #

The table below contains a list of the SDK methods relevant to the Matchmaking service. These methods are available via the GameLoopApi.

LeaveMatchmakingAllows a player to leave matchmaking. Removes their whole party from matchmaking.
GetMatchmakingInfoQueries information on matchmaking queues.

The SDK calls invoke various Matchmaking Plugin methods through Matchmaking service RPCs. For a list of Matchmaking service RPCs, see the MatchmakingService reference page.

Matchmaking Service Bindable Events #

There are several matchmaking-related events that player clients and game servers can listen to. The following tables contain bindable events relevant to the Matchmaking service, along with associated descriptions of when the event is triggered.

Player Client Events #

The following events are handled by the player client.

FEnteredMatchmakingEvent OnEnteredMatchmaking;public event Action OnEnteredMatchmaking;The party enters matchmaking.
FLeftMatchmakingEvent OnLeftMatchmaking;public event Action OnLeftMatchmaking;The party leaves matchmaking.
FAddedToGameEvent OnAddedToGame;public event Action<PragmaId> OnAddedToGame;A player is added to the game instance. The game server is not yet ready.
FMatchmakingFailedEvent OnMatchmakingFailed;public event Action<MatchmakingFailureReason> OnMatchmakingFailed;Player is removed from matchmaking.

Game Server Events #

The following events are handled by the game server.

FEnteredMatchmakingEvent OnGameInstanceEnteredMatchmaking;public event Action<PragmaId> OnGameInstanceEnteredMatchmaking;The given active game instance enters matchmaking.
FLeftMatchmakingEvent OnGameInstanceLeftMatchmaking;public event Action<PragmaId> OnGameInstanceLeftMatchmaking;The given active game instance leaves matchmaking.