Fleet Service SDK and Events #

Fleet Service SDK Methods #

The table below contains a list of the SDK methods related to capacity management and game server reporting. These methods are available via the MatchApi.

StartReportCapacityPollingLets the platform know that the game server exists and begins to reports its capacity for hosting game instances
UpdateMaxGameInstanceAllows a game server to reconfigure its max game instance count after report capacity polling has started
RequestStartGameIf not using the Fleet service, use to request game start data for a known game instance.

Fleet Service Events #

The following events are related to capacity management and game server reporting.

FGameStartEvent OnGameStart;public event Action<GameStart> OnGameStart;A game instance is started. The game server receives game instance data on this event.
FOnGameStartFailedEvent OnGameStartFailed;public event Action<Error> OnGameStartFailed;An error occurs while attempting to start a game instance. The game server will not continue reporting capacity or receiving new game instances until StartReportCapacityPolling is called again.
FKeepAliveFailedEvent OnKeepAliveFailed;public event Action<PragmaId, PragmaError> OnKeepAliveFailed;The platform fails to process a keep alive request.
FGameInstanceTerminationEvent OnGameInstanceTermination;public event Action<GameInstanceTerminationV1Notification> OnGameInstanceTermination;The platform decides to terminate an in progress game instance. An example of this firing is when a game instance has failed to heartbeat due to connection issues to the platform. Calling EndGame will not cause this event to fire.