Monitoring #

With Pragma Engine, you can monitor your services using metrics and logs. Metrics and logs provide visibility into service health. You can send data from your service to a log or metrics management platform. From this platform, you can perform tasks such as starting alerts, diagnosing issues, and plan for live operations.

Metrics are aggregated time-series data that represent numeric values in your services. Examples include the number of players currently online (CCU), the number of RPC requests per minute, and RPC processing durations.

Logs record events in your service as messages in a readable string format. Logs can be assigned varying levels of severity, and can record messages such as errors if an RPC request fails, or debug information like startup configuration.

Telemetry describes high-volume, less structured, big data information collected by Pragma Engine. For more information about telemetry, see the telemetry overview.

Topics #

MetricsUse application data reporting to monitor your Pragma Engine.
LoggingGathering logs for diagnosing issues.