Pragma Engine 0.0.82

August 30th, 2022

Features #

Added SDK event for MatchTerminationV1Notification for matches that are shut down by Pragma Engine.

  • Description: Unity and Unreal game clients can now listen for a new SDK event named PartyService.OnMatchTermination, which occurs whenever an in-progress match is terminated by Pragma Engine due to failure reasons such as exceeding the absolute match timeout duration or missing heartbeat cycles.

Integrations #

Unreal: You must now initialize Pragma Session Subsystems before using them.

  • Description: UPragmaSessionLocalPlayerSubsystem and UPragmaSessionGameServerSubsystem no longer automatically initialize SdkConfig with default values.
  • Integration step: If using UPragmaSessionLocalPlayerSubsystem or UPragmaSessionGameServerSubsystem, you must call the respective InitSession before calling GetSession.

Bugs and Fixes #

For managed infrastructure customers: Separated Pragma Engine demo CI pipeline and customer ext CI pipeline.

  • Description: We’ve added a new file at pragma-engine/platform/5-ext/buildkite/engine-ci.yml. This separation of engine-ci.yml files will allow studios to have separate, customizable CI steps in their workflows outside of Pragma Engine’s pipeline.

Unreal: Added a workaround for a JSON serialization bug where structs were serialized using the case-insensitive property FName.

Docs #

[Updated Services Guide] Added section on generating Partner tokens to Authentication page.

[Updated Services Guide] Added section on failure and success notifications to Match End page.

[Updated Services Guide] Removed references to enablePartyRecreate throughout docs as the feature has been deprecated.

[Updated Introduction Guide] Added section on logging to Initial Setup page.