Pragma Engine 0.0.65

April 26th, 2022

Features #

  • Added a new way to track account creation and most recent login.
    • Description: Unix timestamps for account creation and most recent login have been added to the Social table. Fields have been added to all existing endpoints that use the SocialIdentityWithPersonal proto message.
    • Postman paths:
      • Social → RPC - Operator → Account → ViewSocialIdentitiesV1Response
      • Social → RPC - Operator → Account → ViewSocialIdentityV1Response
      • Social → RPC - Partner → ViewSocialIdentityPartnerV2Response

Integrations #

  • Upgrade to IntelliJ 2022 and Kotlin 1.6 plugin.
    • Description: To keep up with updates in developer tooling, we’re upgrading to IntelliJ 2022. The latest version of IntelliJ is bundled with the correct plugin version. Note that this plugin is not supported by the previously recommended version of IntelliJ (2021.2.1).
    • Integration step: Update to IntelliJ 2022 and the version of the Kotlin plugin used by Intellij to v1.6.2 or greater.
  • Replace references to ClearPlayerInventoryCacheV1 with DeletePlayerInventoryV1.
    • Description: We’ve deprecated ClearPlayerInventoryCacheV1.
    • Integration step: Use DeletePlayerInventoryV1 instead of ClearPlayerInventoryCacheV1.
  • Move MatchLifecycleService configurations from serviceConfigs to pluginConfigs.
    • Description: MatchLifecycleService strategy configuration has been moved, as mentioned in release 0.0.61.
    • Integration step: Move MatchLifecycleService configs.
   matchFoundBuilderStrategy: "CustomMatchFoundBuilderClass"
   notifyMatchAllocatedStrategy: "CustomNotifyMatchAllocatedClass"
  class: "CustomMatchFoundBuilderClass"
  class: "CustomNotifyMatchAllocatedClass"
  • Update MatchLifecycleService strategy class signatures on custom ext implementations.
    • Description: The matchFoundBuilderStrategy and notifyMatchAllocatedStrategy fields are being deprecated in favor of plugins.
    • Integration steps:
      • Update ext implementations to use MatchFoundBuilderPlugin and NotifyMatchAllocatedPlugin interfaces instead.
      • Update primary constructor to required plugin signature.
      class CustomMatchFoundBuilderClass : MatchFoundBuilderStrategy
      class CustomNotifyMatchAllocatedClass : NotifyMatchAllocatedStrategy
      class CustomMatchFoundBuilderClass(service: Service, contentDataNodeService: ContentDataNodeService) : MatchFoundBuilderPlugin
      class CustomNotifyMatchAllocatedClass(service: Service, contentDataNodeService: ContentDataNodeService) : NotifyMatchAllocatedPlugin

      Bugs and Fixes #

      • Unreal SDK: Fixed a crash caused by logic in a destructor calling response delegates after their targets were already destructed.