Pragma Engine 0.0.60

March 22nd, 2022

Features: #

  • Social IDs are now sent to game servers.
    • Description: Player’s social IDs are now sent to game servers. Additionally, social IDs are now included with all PragmaSessionKeys, making them easily available to plugins.
  • Added OpenTelemetry as a replacement for Jaeger.
    • Description: As Jaeger is being deprecated, we’ve added OpenTelemetry as a replacement. We currently have some auto-instrumentation along with manual spans around RPC and database operations.
      • Note: OpenTelemetry is still being integrated and support for running it alongside custom extensions will arrive in a future patch.
    • Steps to enable:
      • Ensure Jaeger is running in Docker. See the instructions in the readme here: devenv/docker-compose-devenv/
      • Start Pragma with the run-demo-with-otel make target.
      • Spans can be viewed locally through Jaeger at http://localhost:16686/search
        • Search for the local-pragma service.
        • Search by Operation: HTTP POST, WebSocketSession.inboundWorker
    • Token refreshes in the Pragma SDKs now trigger an SDK event when successful.
      • Description: Developers can take advantage of a new SDK event when client tokens successfully refresh. Add a handler for OnTokenRefreshCompleted, which provides two strings as parameters: the first is the refreshed social token, and the second is the refreshed game token.

Integrations #

  • Confirm you’ve replaced AddAccountsToPlayerGroupOperatorV1 with BulkActionOperatorV1.
    • Description: We replaced AddAccountsToPlayerGroupOperatorV1 with BulkActionOperatorV1 several patches ago. The code has now been fully removed.

Bugs and Fixes #

  • Fixed compilation errors and warnings in preview builds of Unreal Engine 5.