Pragma Engine 0.0.35


Features #

  • Default location for content is 5-ext/content
  • Default location for config is 5-ext/config
  • Run configs are checked in to help make debugging in IntelliJ more simple, and assume the new default locations for content and config.
    • Click on the Add Configuration… button in the IntelliJ toolbar, under Kotlin choose MainKt - LocalConfigured and click OK.
  • UnrealSDK:
    • Generated proto enum fields now have default initialized values.
    • Moved most Pragma tests out of the SDK itself to fix compilation failure with 4-example generated types.

Integration Notes #

  • Rename CatalogStackableEntries.json and CatalogInstancedEntries.json to StackableItemSpecs.json and InstancedItemSpecs.json, respectively.
  • Integration test default config files were renamed from InMemGame.yml to InMemGameIT.yml and InMemSocial.yml to InMemSocialIT.yml
    • If you use these yml files, ensure that the rename has been applied platform/5-ext/ext/src/test/resources/localDevelopmentShardConfig/ and preserves any custom settings
  • make run-with-config
  • 5-ext pom templates have changed. Merge template pom-xmls.templates into 5-ext/**/pom.xmls. The process for this will be:
    • Delete all the 5-ext/**/pom.xml files
    • Run make update-template
    • Use a diff tool like the one built into IntelliJ to restore local changes

Deprecation #

Pragma Engine - CatalogStackableEntries.json and CatalogInstancedEntries.json will be removed in 0.0.36 Pragma Engine - make run-with-config will be removed in 0.0.37