Pragma Engine 0.0.29


Features #

  • Authentication will now return information about error conditions specific to Discord auth failures.
  • LobbyService correctly sets ExtPlayerInfo on respondToLobbyInvite and createAndJoinLobby calls using the LobbyStrategy.setExtPlayerInfo


Features #

  • UnitySDK: Fixed an issue where Connection.Connect() would fail after disconnection due to error.

Integration Notes #

  • ExtEnterMatchmakingV1Request no longer has a player_info in it. Instead use PlayerInfo in matchLifecycleRpc.proto.
  • StoreEntry has replaced requirements and catalog_ids_required_in_inventory with a new PurchaseRequirements that includes a new store.ExtPurchaseRequirements field.
  • This will be a breaking change to store content if entries reference the old fields
  • InventoryCommon.ItemUpdateV2 and InventoryCommon.ItemGrantV2 has been changed so internal instanced and stackable fields is a oneof

Deprecation #

  • Removed player_info from ExtEnterMatchmakingV1Request in matchmakingExt.proto.

Removed #

  • InventoryRpc.UpdateItemV2
    • Use InventoryRpc.UpdateItemV3
    • If using UE4 SDK, please use PragmaInventoryService.UpdateItemV3