Pragma Engine 0.0.28


Features #

  • Unreal SDK
    • Now comes with a Rich Inventory SDK (PragmaInventoryService.h/cpp) that implements client side caching. Please see Inventory documentation to learn how to use the Rich Inventory implementation.
    • Fixed LogIn OnComplete never called if there’s an error in getting info/types data.
    • uint64 serializes to/from json string without losing precision.

Integration Notes #

  • MatchmakingStrategy.buildMatchmakingKey has been deleted; remove from strategy implementations
  • MatchmakingStrategy.buildExtPlayerInfo has been deleted; remove from strategy implementations
  • MatchmakingRpc.EnterMatchmakingV1 has been deleted; use MatchmakingRpc.EnterMatchmakingForPartyV1 instead
  • Proto Renames for Store
    • Store.UpgradeEntryStore.UpdateEntry
    • Store.ExtUpgradeEntryStore.ExtUpdateEntry
    • Rename CatalogUpgradeEntries.jsonCatalogUpdateEntries.json
  • All implementations of PlayerMatchEndProcessor must now implement buildUpdatesForPlayer, which provides a builder that exposes stats and ext fields

Deprecation #

Pragma Engine - DEPRECATED this release (Scheduled for removal in 0.0.30):

  • InventoryRpc.UpdateItemV2
    • Use InventoryRpc.UpdateItemV3
    • If using UE4 SDK, please use PragmaInventoryService.UpdateItemV3
  • InventoryRpc.StorePurchaseV3
    • Use InventoryRpc.StorePurchaseV4
    • If using UE4 SDK, please use PragmaInventoryService.StorePurchaseV4
  • InventoryRpc.GetInventoryV1
    • Use InventoryRpc.GetInventoryV2
    • If using UE4 SDK, please use PragmaInventoryService.GetInstancedItemsV1, PragmaInventoryService.GetStackableItemsV1
  • InventoryRpc.ServiceGetInventoryV1
    • Use InventoryRpc.ServiceGetInventoryV2

Removed #

  • InventoryRpc.SimulateRewardsV1
    • Use InventoryRpc.SimulateRewardsV2