Unreal: Matchmaking #

You must have the party flow fully implemented before beginning this guide. See the Unreal: Parties guide for further details.

Most match-based games follow a game flow that involves creating a lobby and inviting friends to join a party, making pre-game selections such as choosing a character, entering matchmaking, playing the game, then ending the game with post-match results.

This guide provides a simplified walkthrough of building out the matchmaking flow.

In the first part of this guide, we’ll enable the Warm Body Matchmaking Plugin. We’ll also add the necessary matchmaking-related functions to the Game Flow Tutorial Party Plugin that we created earlier. Next, we’ll add the relevant matchmaking functionality to our game client’s Party screen, such as registering matchmaking event handlers and making it so that our client is able to issue the start matchmaking service call.

Setting Up MatchmakingEnabling parties to enter matchmaking.