Getting Started #

Welcome to Pragma Engine!

In this section, you’ll find high-level explanations of how Pragma Engine works, and the steps for an initial setup.

What Is Pragma Engine? #

The Pragma Engine platform powers online features for a live service game. This includes services such as accounts, social systems, the game loop, player data, and content management. The platform has built-in live ops features such as metrics, monitoring, and data pipeline support.

Pragma is built on the JVM and written in Kotlin. It runs as a standalone binary and accepts traffic over websockets and http. It is designed as an async, RPC-style server, with messages sent as protobuf or JSON payloads.

The platform binds to multiple ports, each exposing an API gateway serving different clients, such as Players, Operators, or Partner services.

Pragma Engine runs in two modes. Each backend shares the same engine capabilities in terms of metrics, operability, authentication and authorization, and service-to-calls.

  • the Social backend provides account and social features
  • the Game backend provides the game loop, player data, and related services

Initial Setup #

A full setup guide for getting Pragma Engine up and running is available via GitHub README, which is accessible once onboarding has started.

Next Steps #

Understanding Pragma Engine

Customizing Pragma Engine