Telemetry Plugin #

The Telemetry plugin allows users to persist events to a datastore of choice, either by configuring the implementations provided by the engine or by building a custom plugin implementation.

interface TelemetryPlugin {

    suspend fun recordEvent(event: Event)

    suspend fun recordEvents(events: List<Event>)

    suspend fun getEvents(): List<Event>

Anatomy of an Event #

Event Sources #

The sourceId represents the source of an event, such as a player game client, or game server.

  • Player events: Set by the platform from the player session.
  • Trusted source events: Supplied by the caller (Partner, Operator, or Service gateways).
  • Batch events: Caller specifies a sourceID for each event, enabling a game server to send events on behalf of all players in a game in a single batch.

Request Types #

Player event #

For events requested by a player.

  "event": {
    "name" : "player-open-menu",
    "json" : "{\n  \"menuClicked\": \"shopkeeper\",\n  \"durationMenuOpenSeconds\": 43,\n  \"interactionsInMenu\": 7\n, \"transactions\": 2\n}"

Partner event from a game server #

For events from a game server.

  "sourceId": "game-server-1",
  "event": {
    "name": "boss-defeated",
    "json": "{\n  \"boss_id\": \"miniboss_1\",\n  \"damage_dealt\": 2200,\n  \"encounter_duration_sec\": 17\n}"

Store event #

For recorded events.

  "name": "player-open-menu",
  "timestamp_millis" : 1646097667207,
  "id_hash": 3241420594091297482,
  "event_json": "{\n  \"menuClicked\": \"shopkeeper\",\n  \"durationMenuOpenSeconds\": 43,\n  \"interactionsInMenu\": 7\n, \"transactions\": 2\n}"