Cross-Platform Accounts #

Account linking represents the association of one or more identity providers with an account. This is an essential feature to support cross-platform experiences. Accounts can link one or more providers, but there always must be at least one association to ensure that the account is reachable. Pragma Engine provides a test provider called Unsafe Provider, intended for non-production use cases, such as during development and internal testing.

Cross-platform accounts can currently only link accounts not already associated with a Pragma Engine account, and can only be unlinked via the social portal by an operator. Reach out to your Pragma representative for support if needed.

See Unlinking an identity provider for more details.

Cross-platform describes games that ship on multiple platforms. Pragma Engine’s architecture is built around supporting cross-platform.

Cross-progression enables players to continue progress on one account across multiple game platforms.

Cross-play allows matchmaking to connect players across platforms.

graph LR A[Steam Player] -->|authenticateOrCreateV2| h{PragmaAccount} B[Epic Player] -->|authenticateOrCreateV2| h{PragmaAccount} C[Discord Player] -->|authenticateOrCreateV2| h{PragmaAccount} D[Xbox Player] -->|authenticateOrCreateV2| h{PragmaAccount} E[PlayStation Player] -->|authenticateOrCreateV2| h{PragmaAccount} G[Nintendo Player] -->|authenticateOrCreateV2| h{PragmaAccount} h -->| | i[CreateParty] i -->| | j[SendPartyInvite] j -->| | k[EnterMatchmaking] k--> | | l[JoinGameServer]