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returnFromMatchmakingV1 #

suspend fun returnFromMatchmakingV1(session: ServiceSession, request: PartyRpc.ReturnFromMatchmakingV1Request): PartyRpc.ReturnFromMatchmakingV1Response

Service endpoint used to return players to their party after they leave matchmaking. Broadcasts new party details to all players upon success.


PartyPlugin.returnFromMatchmaking plugin is invoked allowing for updates to the party or players such as resetting selections back to default values or updating player selections to accommodate newly granted or updated inventory items.

GameServerVersion recalculation:

GameServerCompatibility.calculateGameServerVersion is invoked to determine the overall GameServerVersion for the party if the new player joins. If no GameServerVersion is supported, a warning is logged. Any player that does not have a supported game server version will receive a PartyRpc.GameClientNotSupportedV1Notification, and all other players will receive a PartyRpc.PartyClientVersionMismatchV1Notification. If PartyImpl.overrideGameServerVersion has been set via PartyRpc.UpdatePartyV1Request, the game server calculation will be skipped and the previously set gameServerVersion will be used.