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GameServerCompatibilityPlugin #

interface GameServerCompatibilityPlugin

The GameServerCompatibilityPlugin is responsible for determining the game server version for a given grouping of players by the party system. Pragma provides the following default implementations:

  • DefaultGameServerCompatibilityPlugin: returns a configured hardcoded version string
  • OrderedGameServerCompatibilityPlugin: allows definition of an ordered hierarchy of server versions, and compatible client versions

You may also remove server versions from matchmaking within this plugin by invoking MatchmakingRpc.RemoveGameServerVersionV1Request. When removed, any players queued to any removed server versions will be removed from matchmaking and their queues will be torn down.

Functions #



abstract fun calculateGameServerVersion(party: Party, newPlayer: PartyPlayer? = null): String?

Used to determine an appropriate game server version for the party.


abstract fun getValidGameClientVersions(): List<String>

Used to retrieve a list of valid game client versions that will be passed into the Client SDK when a party is shutdown in order to notify clients to update their GameClientVersions for PartyRpc.RemovalReason.GAME_CLIENTS_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_GAME_SERVER.

Inheritors #