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Package pragma.matchmaking #

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class GameInstanceUpdate

Represents an update to an active game instance that is in matchmaking when returned from MatchmakingPlugin.matchPartiesWithGame. It will result in players being added to the active game instance and/or the game instance being removed from matchmaking.


interface MatchmakingPlugin

The MatchmakingPlugin is an extension point for defining all custom matchmaking logic within the engine. From here, the plugin author can manipulate every Matchmaking.Party as it enters matchmaking, as well as perform comparisons between two matchables, checking to see if a valid game instance can be made.


class NewGameInstance(var ext: ExtGameInstance, var gameServerZone: <ERROR CLASS>)

Represents a successful matchmaking result that will be used to allocate a new game when returned from MatchmakingPlugin.initialize or MatchmakingPlugin.matchParties.


class WarmBodyMatchmakingPlugin(service: Service, contentDataNodeService: ContentDataNodeService, matchmakingHelper: MatchmakingHelper) : MatchmakingPlugin, ConfigurablePlugin<WarmBodyMatchmakingPlugin.Config>

An implementation of the MatchmakingPlugin interface that builds matches with any parties available based on the configurable Config.numberOfTeams and Config.playersPerTeam.