core / pragma.auth / TokenSignerConfig /

TokenSignerConfig #

class TokenSignerConfig(type: BackendType) : ServiceConfig<TokenSignerConfig>

Configuration for signing platform tokens (Player, Operator, Partner, and EmailVerification) including their expiration length.

The Player token has an additional refresh token flow if the Pragma SDK is used. Specifically, the Pragma SDK will start a background process to refresh the tokens for the player every playerTokenRefreshMinutes +/- playerTokenRefreshVarianceWindowMinutes.

The Pragma SDKs also have the ability to log in a player with existing tokens so that they do not need to provide their credentials. To use this feature, the playerTokenExpirationMinutes should be set to an appropriate value based on expected player login behaviour. The playerTokenRefreshMinutes value should also be set to a value so that there’s a good chance the player’s token are refreshed towards the end of their playing session in order to still be valid when they log in next.

Constructors #


private fun TokenSignerConfig(type: BackendType)