Pragma Engine 0.0.42


Features #

  • Attempting to invite a player that is already in the lobby will now result in a LobbyService_AlreadyInLobby error.
  • Ignoring module 4-example-ext/example-ext-protos in Intellij by default to allow running All Tests when using oneof pattern in Exts
  • InviteReceivedV1Notification includes new field inviter_info, containing the InviterInfo (new message) from the player who sent the invite.
  • Players may no longer repeatedly send lobby invites to a player
  • New LobbyConfig config value, repeatInviteDelaySeconds. Sets how long a player must wait between sending a repeat invite to the same player. Default: 1.
  • New InviterInfo on InviteReceivedV1Notification is intended to replace the functionality currently achieved with the getDisplayNameForPragmaIdForPartnerV1 and getDisplayNameForPragmaPlayerIdForPartnerV1 calls.
  • CreatePartnerTokenV1 api will return a new Game Partner JWT token for when we cut over to the more restrictive JWT rules. This will need to be configured in the PartnerConnectionInfoConfig under the gameToken parameter

Integration Notes #

  • TimeProxy object has been moved to a class with a companion object. Any existing references to TimeProxy should be redirected to TimeProxy.defaultInstance
  • InventoryContent now returns ContentDataWrappers instead of GeneratedMessageV3 for the following calls: getStackableSpec(), getInstancedSpec(), getCatalogUpdateEntry(), getRewardsTable(), getRewardSlot(), getRewardBag(), and getCraftingEntry(). The data wrapper objects expose the same data as the proto object, but some names are slightly different. For example, RewardsTable.rewardSlotIdsList -> RewardsTableWrapper.rewardSlotIds. The GeneratedMessageV3 can still be accessed via the toProtobuf() function on the data wrappers.
  • Change runBlockingTimeout -> runBlockingTestWithTimeout
    • This has changed to return a type compatible with the Junit test runner to ensure tests are executed properly.