Crafting: Time-Based #

A time-based crafting system can be implemented by leveraging Pragma Engine’s existing crafting and plugin systems. By creating a time-based crafting process, we can exchange ingredients, currencies, or materials and receive a time-delayed response.

This guide will demonstrate this functionality by creating a cooking system which requires time delays to successfully cook an item. This is a two step process.

In the first part, we’ll exchange ingredients for an incomplete version of an item to be cooked. In the second part, we’ll redeem the incomplete item for the finished item after the appropriate cook time has elapsed.

Core Concepts:
Check out our Concepts guides for intros to our time-based crafting, store, and items systems.


  • Pragma Engine, Postman, and IntelliJ must be installed. See Initial Setup.

Setting Up the Cooking CatalogPreparing the items and store to cook a muffin.
Building the Cooking PluginsBuilding and registering a plugin for cooking.
Implementing CookingCooking a muffin.