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Party Service

The Party service provides an entry point into the game flow. This service allows players to create a party, configure their game, and make selections. Using the Party Plugin and leveraging extension data, developers can create custom party configurations and workflows.

This service coordinates invites and shared player states in real time. Pragma Engine’s deterministic routing capability allows for calls from players to arrive at the correct service node, eliminating unnecessary load. The engine uses a persistent WebSocket connection to send broadcasts to clients so that each party is synchronized to maintain integrity of the party state. The Party service is massively parallel to support thousands of parties per box and scale horizontally to any number of Party service instances.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some key concepts, and then we’ll dive into party implementation specifics, with categories of calls and methods that can be used to create custom party flows.

Contents #

Key ConceptsKey concepts for understanding the Party service.
Party ImplementationThe main flows that a party goes through from party creation to entering matchmaking.
All Calls and MethodsAll RPC calls and plugin methods for the Party service.