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updateEmailV1 #


suspend fun updateEmailV1(playerSession: PlayerSession, request: AccountRpc.UpdateEmailV1Request): AccountRpc.UpdateEmailV1Response

Adds or updates a user’s email. If the user already has no email or an unverified email, it will add or update the unverified email. If the user has a verified email, the verified email will not be overwritten until the user has verified the new email using AccountService.verifyEmailV1.


  • EmailSenderPlugin.sendVerificationEmail - PragmaResultErrors can be returned and will be thrown as PragmaExceptions if present.


  • PragmaError.AccountService_BadRequest when email is too long.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_BadRequest when email is not a valid email.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_NotFound when the account metadata is not found.