social / pragma.account / AccountService / loadTestBulkCreateAccountsOperatorV1 /

loadTestBulkCreateAccountsOperatorV1 #

suspend fun loadTestBulkCreateAccountsOperatorV1(operatorSession: OperatorSession, request: AccountRpc.LoadTestBulkCreateAccountsOperatorV1Request): AccountRpc.LoadTestBulkCreateAccountsOperatorV1Response

Creates multiple Players, AccountTags, and PlayerGroups. Used for testing and load testing.


  • IdentityProvider.canAuthenticate
  • IdentityProvider.validate - PragmaResultErrors returned are just thrown as PragmaExceptions


  • PragmaError.AccountService_Error when authenticating with an unknown or disabled IdentityProvider.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_Error when social id cannot be created
  • PragmaError.AccountService_NotFound when the requested game shard does not exist
  • PragmaError.Database_Error when failing to create a social identity
  • PragmaError.Database_Error when failing to create a player identity
  • PragmaError.AccountService_Unauthorized when trying to authenticate with an unexpected session type
  • PragmaError.AccountService_Error when failing to create authentication tokens
  • PragmaError.AccountService_BadRequest when email is too long.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_BadRequest when email is not a valid email.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_NotFound when the account metadata is not found.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_PlayerGroupValidation when player group name is not set.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_PlayerGroupValidation when bad pragma social id is used to add to player group.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_AccountTagValidation when bad pragma social id is used to add tags to a player.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_PlayerGroupNameCollision when player group name is already in use.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_BadRequest when list of Pragma Social Ids or tags are empty.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_Error when db is unable to verify the email.