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linkIdentityProviderAccountV2 #

suspend fun linkIdentityProviderAccountV2(session: PlayerSession, request: AccountRpc.LinkIdentityProviderAccountV2Request): AccountRpc.LinkIdentityProviderAccountV2Response

Associates a new Identity Provider with an existing Pragma account.


  • IdentityProvider.canAuthenticate
  • IdentityProvider.validate - PragmaResultErrors returned are just thrown as PragmaExceptions


  • PragmaError.AccountService_Error when trying to use an invalid or disabled Id Provider.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_IdProviderAlreadyAssociated when the Id Provider account is already associated with a Pragma account.
  • PragmaError.AccountService_AccountAlreadyBoundToProviderType when the Pragma account already has the requested Id Provider account associated with it.