social-common / pragma.account / BulkActionPlugin / apply /

apply #

abstract suspend fun apply(matchedAccountsOverviews: List<PragmaAccountOverview>, matchedAccounts: List<SocialIdentityWithPersonal>, operatorSession: OperatorSession, requestExt: ExtBulkAction): List<PragmaAccountOverview>

Executes a customer defined action on a list of Pragma Accounts that match a AccountRpc.PlayerSearchFilter. The behavior of this plugin can be informed by the customer defined ExtBulkAction.

Used by

  • AccountService.bulkActionOperatorV1

Return #

a list of PragmaAccountOverviews that have been affected by this function.

Parameters #


list of PragmaAccountOverviews that match the AccountRpc.PlayerSearchFilter.


list of SocialIdentityWithPersonals that more account data than PragmaAccountOverview. Is populated if BulkActionPlugin.needsFullPragmaAccount returned true.


optionally used if the plugin wants to make operator calls to other services.


customer defined parameters for the bulk action.