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getEventsOperatorV1 #

suspend fun getEventsOperatorV1(session: OperatorSession, request: TelemetryRpc.GetEventsOperatorV1Request): TelemetryRpc.GetEventsOperatorV1Response

Retrieves all events from a Telemetry Plugin implementation. This is an optional feature for plugins able to support this capability.

It is useful for debugging and quick spot checks, but is not designed for use in production or at scale. In production, pipelines should be built around the underlying data lake for aggregations, ETLs, and report building.



  • PragmaError.TelemetryService_FailedToPersistEvent - When a Pragma Engine-provided plugin implementation fails to persist the event.
  • PragmaError.TelemetryService_UnsupportedOperation - When a plugin does not support this operation.