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kickV1 #

suspend fun kickV1(session: PlayerSession, request: PartyRpc.KickV1Request): PartyRpc.KickV1Response

Kicks a target player from the party.

Request validation:

If the calling player is not in a party, throws PragmaError.PartyService_NotInParty. If the calling player is not a leader of the party, throws PragmaError.PartyService_PlayerNotLeader. If the target player is the calling player, throws PragmaError.PartyService_CanNotKickSelf. If the target player is not in the party, throws PragmaError.PartyService_PlayerNotFound.

Kick player:

The target player is removed from the party. PartyPlugin.onRemovePlayer is then invoked. The kicked player receives a PartyRpc.RemovedV1Notification with a removal reason of KICKED. The remaining party members receive a notification with updated party state. If the kicked player is in matchmaking with the party, the party will be removed from matchmaking.