game / pragma.inventory / InventoryService / updateItemsPartnerV2 /

updateItemsPartnerV2 #

suspend fun updateItemsPartnerV2(session: PartnerSession, request: InventoryRpc.UpdateItemsPartnerV2Request): InventoryRpc.UpdateItemsPartnerV2Response

Lets partners update multiple items for a given player by list of InventoryCommon.ServerItemUpdateV2.


  • InstancedItemPlugin.update
  • StackableItemPlugin.onUpdate called for stackable item grants and updates


  • PragmaError.InventoryService_InstanceNotFound - When the item to update is not found in the player’s inventory.
  • PragmaError.InventoryService_ContentNotFound - When an update entry id is sent on the request but does not map to a valid update entry.
  • PragmaError.InventoryService_RequirementsNotMetError - When the requirements related to the update entry cost are not met.
  • PragmaError.InventoryService_GrantError - When db errors.
  • PragmaError.InventoryService_GetError - When db retrieve fails.