game / pragma.inventory / InventoryService / getLoginDataServiceV2 /

getLoginDataServiceV2 #

suspend fun getLoginDataServiceV2(session: ServiceSession, request: InventoryRpc.GetLoginDataServiceV2Request): InventoryRpc.GetLoginDataServiceV2Response

Retrieves content catalogs and will execute any limited grants. Will broadcast an InventoryRpc.InventoryUpdatedV1Notification if player is given any limited grants.


  • LimitedGrantPlugin.shouldGrant - Invoked when processing limited grants
  • InstancedItemPlugin.newInstanced - Invoked when limited grant includes an instanced item server grant.
  • - Invoked when a limited grant includes a reward.
  • StorePlugin.meetsRequirements - Invoked during store annotation to simulate which items the player can purchase.
  • StackableItemPlugin.onUpdate called for stackable item grants and updates


  • PragmaError.InventoryService_CatalogIdNotFound - When player inventory contains a catalog ID that does not exist.
  • PragmaError.InventoryService_GrantError - When db errors.
  • PragmaError.InventoryService_GetError - When db retrieve fails.